For financial services organisations, accelerating growth, and creating a clear competitive edge is top of mind. Achieving growth, growing customer loyalty, and reducing churn comes down to maximising customer value.

Your digital infrastructure forms the crucial source of your competitive differentiation and the key enabler to driving value-focused outcomes.

Supporting financial Services organisations

FSI organisations come to NEXTDC to create a distributed, and interconnected architecture that enables proximity to the digital services providers and platforms, mission critical applications and customers that enables their business to grow freely, and optimise competitive agility.

NEXTDC’s national digital infrastructure platform is designed to support the evolving needs for Financial Services. Our infrastructure solutions empower financial services organisations to build and leverage the advantages of hybrid IT solutions that deliver the operational agility needed to keep an eye on now, and one eye on the future.


NEXTDC solutions for Financial Services and Insurance organisations

Explore how NEXTDC actively supports and enables growth, risk and compliance management objectives with FSI organisations. Understand how we help support the cloud and digital transformation priorities for FSI and enable the forward planning of your digital infrastructure of the future.

Financial Services Cloud Solutions NEXTDC

Proximity to cloud and digital services

Direct and secure access to the leading cloud providers and financial services providers within the same interconnected network. Enabling you to enhance optionality, lower complexity and save on network costs.

Financial Services Risk Mitigation NEXTDC

Lower Risk and streamline compliance

NEXTDC facilities exceed compliance requirements for all relevant international and Australian standards and certifications. Externally validated to conform to the highest standard of security that supports SOC1/2 and PCI DSS mandated requirements.

Financial Services Secure Data Solutions NEXTDC

100% security and protection of critical IT assets

Certified the most resilient and reliable infrastructure in the country, we remove unnecessary risk from managing your IT environment. Alleviate your resources and leverage skillsets to focus on innovation and revenue initiatives. We’ll take care of delivering the highest standards in data centre security and data sovereignty and 100% uptime.

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