Enabling Government to manage risk, strengthen security and improve resilience

NEXTDC’s national digital infrastructure platform delivers highly secure, customised and agile solutions for Government.

For Government organisation, managing risk, securing the management and sovereignty of government systems and data, and improving business resilience are critical priorities.

Your digital infrastructure is the critical foundations of your digital-first strategy, therefore partnering strategically with an Australian provider certified to the highest Government standards is essential.

Certified Strategic provider of data centre services

NEXTDC is certified by the Australian Federal Government’s Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) as a Certified Strategic hosting provider of data centre services.

Independently verified as being best positioned to deliver the highest standards in safeguarding the escalating volumes of sensitive government held data, NEXTDC works closely with Local, State and Federal Government to help mitigate risks, streamline compliance and ensure the security and sovereignty of Government data.

To best service Government NEXTDC have achieved Certified Strategic status for our entire national data centre footprint.

Secure and protect your digital infrastructure

NEXTDC's facilities are designed, constructed and managed as a high security facility, required to operate in compliance with the Australian Government Protective Security policy requirements and ASIO Technical Note 1/15 – Physical Security of Zones requirements including Zone Three (PSZ3) and Four (PSZ4). This includes the creation of areas to store and process information with a Business Impact Level (BIL) of aggregated electronic information up to 'Catastrophic' (BIL5) as identified within the Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF).

The approach is based on the understanding of data centre infrastructure and operating environments and has been developed in conjunction with security risk management standards.

NEXTDC use Security Consultants that are endorsed by the Australian Government Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) to provide physical security advice on the:

  • design and construction of security zones as defined in the Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework and the ASIO Technical Notes
  • design, acceptance and commissioning of Type 1 Security Alarm systems.

NEXTDC incorporates all the concepts of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and Security-in-depth principles, where security is layered to provide an effective defence-in-depth-strategy incorporating the basic functions of Physical Protection Systems from the perimeter to the areas that house sensitive information.

NEXTDC uses CPTED to mitigate security risks by reducing opportunity and fostering positive social interaction among legitimate users of space. Emphasis is placed upon the physical environment, productive use of space, and behaviour of people, to create environments that are absent of environmental cues that cause opportunities for security risks to occur.

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NEXTDC’s solutions for Government organisations

Explore NEXTDC’s services that support the cloud and digital transformation needs for today and enable the forward planning of your digital infrastructure of the future.

Government Cloud Solutions NEXTDC

Proximity to cloud and digital services

Direct access to the ICON network. Secure, private connectivity to the leading cloud and digital services providers within the same interconnected network.

Government Risk Mitigation NEXTDC

Lower Risk and streamline compliance

Certified Strategic by the DTA for our entire national footprint, NEXTDC facilities exceed compliance requirements for all relevant international and Australian standards and certifications. Externally validated to conform to the highest standard of security that supports SOC1/2 and PCI DSS mandated requirements.

Government Secure Data Solutions NEXTDC

100% security and protection of critical IT assets

Certified the most resilient and reliable infrastructure in the country, we enable Government to remove unnecessary risk with the highest standards in data centre security and data sovereignty. Independently verified by the DTA as being able to safeguard the escalating volumes of sensitive government held data.

Globally recognised standards and certifications

Certified Data Centre

Globally recognised standards and certifications


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