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Simplify the management of your critical infrastructure

Our Remote Hands services consists of first-class technical assistance on‑the‑ground at any NEXTDC data centre.

Remote Hands enables more flexible management of your critical infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your core business and maintain business uptime with the assistance of NEXTDC's highly specialised technicians.

Our Remote Hands technicians are high-skilled individuals, they are responsible for the ongoing management of our world-class facilities and are recognised globally by Uptime Institute and DataCenter Dynamics as the best in the world.

We understand not every trip to the data centre is the same, therefore we offer a wide range of support options customisable for each visit to ensure you continue to get the most out of your data centre infrastructure. Whether it’s managing deliveries and helping stage installations, preparing your equipment for collection, performing an audit, undertaking a fault investigation or if you simply need an extra pair of eyes and hands on‑the‑ground, our Remote Hands technicians are available to support you.

Extending Remote Hands support during pandemic.

Due to the unprecedented COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic and subsequent travel restrictions, there will likely be an increased need for additional support via Remote Hands. To help preserve the health and well-being of your staff, and the NEXTDC team positioned onsite to ensure the 24/7 operations of the facility remain uninterrupted, customers are requested they limit all access to their data centre space. To support this move, we have increased our capacity to support Remote Hands requests. These additional services can be ordered through ONEDC as standard.

There may be the need for Remote Hands support that extends beyond the ordinary scope of NEXTDC's Remote Hands offering. To assist customers during this difficult time, we are expanding support to accommodate tasks that are generally considered to be outside of NEXTDC’s standard Remote Hands services. For these non-standard requests, we ask that you refer to the extension to NEXTDC's Remote Hands Terms and Conditions.

Given the largely unknown nature of non-standard requests, upon receipt of your request we will confirm our ability to assist, lead-times and any other related impacts where applicable. In response to other frequent customer questions, we’ve also created a FAQ which you may find helpful.

To view the full list of our Remote Hands services, click here.

With services billed in convenient 20 minute blocks, simply book your Remote Hands service through ONEDC and let us take care of the heavy lifting for you.


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