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Fuelling digital growth and innovation

As we spearhead into “digital everything” we understand the criticality of your business being agile, flexible and continuously innovating in the way you create customer value, and how you deliver you customers a consistent and memorable experience in an increasingly congested digital market.

Priority #1, is you

As the most cloud connected and cloud enabled footprint of premium data centres, NEXTDC enables organisations like yours accelerate their growth and achieve their digital objectives. Our priority is you, understanding what’s important to your business and partnering with you, to help you achieve the things that matter most.

We understand the importance of finding a data centre solutions provider that you can trust, that will partner with you long-term, to help you not only achieve your priorities now, but support your long-term objectives.

NEXTDC is recognised by global industry analyst Frost & Sullivan as a market leader in the Australian data centre market in the 2020 Frost Radar Report. As a leader in the industry, we are best positioned support you along your transformation journey, and help you achieve your long term transformation goals.

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What the analysts say

”NEXTDC has demonstrated a strong focus on strengthening its footprint in the Australian data center market. Its investments in expansion are augmented with well-defined initiatives towards building best in class and operationally efficient data centers.

By leveraging technology to provide intelligent service management and a connectivity fabric allowing seamless interconnection of data centers, NEXTDC offers significant value to customers in effectively managing an increasingly distributed IT infrastructure environment.”


Nishchal Khorana, Director, Emerging Technologies,
Cloud & Datacenters Practice - Asia Pacific

Customer and technology focussed

With the customer at the centre of everything we do, NEXTDC’s ongoing commitment to growth and innovation has been a direct result of continuous research and development investments across our national footprint as well as keeping in line with our overall vision.

In 2019, NEXTDC was recognised as the Global data centre company of the year, awarding the company with the 2019 Global Visionary Innovation Leadership Award. A clear focus on delivering exceptional customer value, NEXTDC was recognised for our superior products and services as well as the overall customer, purchase, ownership and service experience offered. our dedication to continuously push boundaries and drive industry-leading sustainability strategies for the benefit of our company, our customers and the environment is second to none.


What enables NEXTDC to offer unparalleled operational excellence


Nabers 5-start rating

Proactive in working towards reducing energy consumption, NEXTDC is Australia’s only NABERS 5-Star energy efficient data centre.

Highest global certification standards

Backed by 100% guarantee, NEXTDC are the only data centre operator in the country to run a national footprint of Uptime Institute Tier IV certified data centres for Design, Constru

Industry leading pue levels

NEXTDC is a clear industry leader in Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), with sustainable free air-side cooling that reduces power consumption.

Accredited and certified for excellence by