Meeting the digital demands of 2020, and beyond

May 12, 2020



Written by: Karyn Turbill - NEXTDC Chief Marketing Officer

Immediacy wasn’t necessarily a top priority for businesses 10 years ago with regards to the way their internal and external facing IT performed. Today however, the time taken to respond is judged by customers in near real-time. In a market where digital-first infrastructure is critical, the ability to respond and serve customers in real-time is the difference between thriving, or nose diving.

Business survivability comes down to operational sustainability, and having an operational foundation that, by design, will stand up and adapt in any scenario.

What does this translate to in business terms? It means your digital infrastructure platform is built to comply with the most operationally superior standards possible.

Protecting your brand and reputation is priority one. As such, it’s imperative that the critical infrastructure powering your business, platforms and processes is always available. This ensures the services and support you deliver your customers continues to surpass their expectations.

The integrity of your critical systems and data is non-negotiable. When your customers want to interact with your online presence, connect with you via a digital platform or make a purchase, their expectation is that it they’ll get what they came for. Failure to meet these expectations results in a poor and inconsistent experience which directly impacts revenue.

Having peace-of-mind, and the ability to focus on transforming your business to meet new and emerging change and respond to disruption comes only when you have complete assurance that the critical infrastructure driving your business is 100% reliable.

When it comes to the critical infrastructure that houses, supports and enables you to scale your digital platform the critical success factor is ensuring that it’s designed, built and operated to the highest global standards.

The Uptime Institute (UI) are known globally for their rigorous and exemplary standards. These standards are widely known as being best positioned to support the ever-evolving needs of customers, and the dynamic nature of Hybrid architectures.

These exemplary standards set by UI are NEXTDC’s north star, and we’ve dedicated our business to ensuring we meet them consistently. The process to achieve Tier IV status for Constructed facility and Gold certification for operational sustainability is a long process, but for good reason. One of the final processes involves UI’s team of data centre experts spending two weeks putting our facilities under the microscope, carrying out hundreds of tests, trying everything they can to replicate scenarios that might impact your critical infrastructure.

Ultimately, Tier IV means your colocated infrastructure is protected against failure on every piece of plant and machinery such as a diesel generator, or across the fire suppression or cooling system. Nothing that happens in our facilities and services delivery will interrupt 100% operational uptime for your business.

It means that we have the personnel, experience and processes embedded into our business practises, to ensure that nothing will impede our ability to support your business needs.

Our national footprint of premium data centres are the most cloud-connected and cloud-enabled facilities in the country, certified to the highest standards globally. Meaning we are best positioned to support our customers in succeeding and accelerating against their cloud and transformation objectives.

What does this mean for you? It means your IT platforms and services that power your business and engage your customers, are supported by high-performance critical infrastructure that’s built to the highest global standards. We put our own infrastructure under the microscope, so we can confidently stand behind our brand promise of 100% uptime and deliver your business with the exceptional levels of resiliency it needs.

Your data centre is where your most valuable resource lives – your data. If the critical infrastructure that’s driving your business isn’t independently tested, certified, and continuously monitored, then it’s highly unlikely it’s equipped to support your business through times of change, where the need to adapt and scale will be crucial to ensure the survivability and profitability of your business.

This is one promise we will never waiver on, because we fundamentally understand the importance of your infrastructure being available, in real-time, 100% of the time. We are privileged to stand beside our customers and support them in their efforts to grow and scale.

If we can help support you with your digital-first objectives, talk to a NEXTDC expert.


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