Power, Secure, Connect: NEXTDC's new-generation data centres

Go for Tier IV: don't let the next blackout take out your IT

Request a copy of our latest whitepaper to learn about the exceptional standards for reliability our newest generation of Tier IV data centres provide for your critical IT systems.

100% Uptime guaranteed

Tier IV is the highest rating held by any colocation data centre in Australia. It certifies the facility has the highest levels of functionality and reliability by requiring Fault Tolerance for every critical system, distribution pathway or component that supports the facility's IT operations.

Innovations deliver highest standards

Learn more about our latest engineering innovations and adoption of new technologies in power and cooling systems used in our newest data centres to achieve Australia's first Tier IV certifications for design and constructed facility.

In this white paper we reveal some of our design secrets used to build data centres at the highest standard B2 Brisbane and M2 Melbourne, with S2 Sydney to follow later this year.

Request the whitepaper


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