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NEXTDC’s Melbourne data centres are the most network-rich and cloud enabled facilities in Victoria. Purpose built to suit the accelerating power and compute requirements of Victorian businesses, our Melbourne data centres are the most highly connected and scalable data centres in the country, offering businesses the ability to meet their IT requirements.

Our Melbourne data centres in Port Melbourne (M1) and Tullamarine (M2) are open for business, providing a total capacity of 55MW. With the addition of our third Melbourne data centre, M3, we're taking our connectivity to the next level and changing the way Australian businesses view colocation infrastructure.

Looking for a data centre in Melbourne?


Location: Port Melbourne

Technical space: 6,000m²

Total IT Capacity: 15MW



Location: Tullamarine

Technical space: 15,000m²

Target IT Capacity: 60MW


Why customers colocate with us

Leading with our customer first value, our Melbourne data centres make it easy for our customers to do business with streamlined and frictionless processes, and self-service tools.

By partnering with NEXTDC to host your most crucial business assets - your data and your IT infrastructure - we work closely with you to ensure your digital objectives are met now, and we partner strategically with you long term to ensure your future requirements are planned for and supported.

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We deliver end-to-end local support 24/7. Our leadership team listen, and act on feedback in real-time.

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100% Uptime

Our Uptime certified Tier IV and Tier III world-class data centres delivers our customers superior service excellence, without disruption.

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Customer Centric

We lead with respect and integrity. We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers and partners, enabling them to focus on what is most important to their business.

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Our colocation data centres are designed to deliver a seamless defence in depth experience. Built to adhere to the highest global security standards that enable frictionless onsite access 24/7.

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Partner Ecosystem

We build strategic relationships with our partner ecosystem, enabling our customers to leverage the combined power of the ecosystem for enhanced success.

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As Australia’s most environmentally advanced and highly certified data centre operator, we provide our customers assurance that their IT is running in the most sustainable and efficient facilities in the country.


Point-to-point connectivity within the one metropolitan area. Seamlessly integrate your customers and partners.



Get the fastest, most direct and secure connections to your clouds with AXON.


Globally recognised standards and certifications

Globally recognised standards and certifications

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