Sydney data centres

Sydney is home to some of the largest Australian multi-national and global organisations. Known for its thriving capital markets, Sydney is a major centre for financial services and the electronic payments industry.

NEXTDC’s Sydney data centres are part of a national network of interconnected facilities right across the country. Strategically located around Sydney’s major innovation clusters of public & private cloud platforms, carriers and ICT providers, our data centres form the most network-rich locally available interconnected ecosystem.

In addition to providing direct access to all the leading public clouds and networks, our strategic location provides exceptionally low-latency access to the interconnected network your business needs to thrive.

24/7 world-class security, dedication to providing an exceptional experience, and complete flexibility and choice when it comes to defining your requirements, is what makes NEXTDC’s premium colocation solutions in Sydney the best choice for your mission critical infrastructure.

Explore our Sydney data centres:

Why customers enjoy working with us

NEXTDC’s Sydney data centres provide world-class premium colocation services that are trusted by some of the largest brands locally, and globally.

100% Uptime Guarantee

As Australia’s most trusted data centre provider, we deliver on an industry leading promise of 100% business uptime, meaning we never go down. Our cutting-edge data centres champion patented and globally recognised engineering innovations which deliver the highest possible levels of energy efficiency. NEXTDC data centres offer unprecedented levels of reliability, resilience and sustainable operational efficiencies that will enable your business to thrive.

Infrastructure That Scales With You

With over 14,000m² of specialised data centre space (and another 20,000m² on the way) across the major Sydney Availability Zones, NEXTDC are best positioned to support your business with compute-intensive, premium colocation solutions. Our solutions are designed to be completely modular, therefore as your business grows and you need to scale your infrastructure, your NEXTDC data centre space will scale with you.

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100% uptime is non-negotiable for your critical infrastructure.

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Rack ready solutions

Fully installed and connected, simply plug in and get started.

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total capacity

Effortlessly consolidate your footprint between S1, S2 and S3.

Unrivalled Customer Service

Our customers are at the centre of everything we do. We are committed to making a meaningful difference for every one of our customers and delivering them a data centre service they won’t find elsewhere. Every member of our team is a NEXTDC employee, we don’t outsource, and we don’t subcontract. We make decisions locally based on real-time customer feedback and we act on it quickly.

600+ ICT Partners

When you entrust your Sydney colocation requirements to NEXTDC, you’re getting more than just cutting-edge technology and facilities. You become an extension to our business, and we make it our priority to understand what’s important to your business so we can help you achieve the things that matter most.

Award-winning data centres

Our award winning data centres are recognised world-wide for their engineering and service delivery excellence. Combining cutting edge technology and innovative engineering design, our Sydney data centres are built to weather any storm. Delivering unprecedented levels of reliability, resilience and security, we don't go down, providing you 100% uptime guaranteed.

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ISO 27001 ISO 9001 ISO 14001 Uptime Institute certified Design S1 2013 Uptime Institute certified Facility S1 2013 Uptime Institute certified GOLD Operations S1 2021 S2 is Sydney’s first Tier IV NABERS 4.5 star
Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) between S1 and S2 (and soon to be S3).

CREATE ONE VIRTUAL DATA CENTRE WITH ONE INTERCONNECT. Seamlessly integrate your customers and partners.

Expand your ecosystem and seamlessly scale your IT services and critical infrastructure with a simple Data Centre Interconnect (DCI).

NEXTDC ecosystem: connect to your clouds

LOCAL, FAST ConnectIVITY to your clouds

Access the multitude of cloud providers and global cloud platforms that underpin your Multi-Cloud strategy, directly from any of our data centres.


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