Transforming digitally means transforming from the inside out, so your people, processes and platforms must be ready for it.

Be informed and get your business digital ready.

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Looking through a new lens to get digital ready.

IDC predicts that by 2022 over 60% of global GDP will be driven by digitally enhanced offerings, operations and relationships, placing increased pressure on organisations to get digital ready.

Moving to cloud is just one part of the journey, because when something changes in the business, the business needs to change with it. Transforming digitally means different things to different people, but heavy spending alone won’t guarantee success.

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Understand ‘why’ you need to change is more important than ‘how’
Digital transformation is a journey, but is everyone ready for it?
Preparing a planned and considered strategy, that everyone is onboard with

The backbone of your digital platform

The backbone of your digital strategy is your infrastructure platform which houses all your mission critical hardware, software and facilitates the necessary interconnections needed to quickly and reliably drive your business forward.

Organisations are shifting their mindset as they transform, opting to outsource their data centre to a right-sized colocation solution. Significant cost efficiencies and productivity gains have been largely proven, making colocation a model that organisations should closely consider when thinking of the longevity of their transformation strategy.


Transforming digitally isn’t easy, it’s something most organisations are challenged with.

Being digital ready means changing the way you look at your business, and the way you think about your digital platform; how it enables business strategy, the time and financial impact on your resources and your bottom line to run it in-house, the skills needed to understand and help be prepared and stay prepared for change.

learn how to:

Build a strong argument for change
Keep lean and agile during transition periods
Engage, involve and excite your key stakeholders
Get the backbone of your digital platform right, first time

Four-step process to a successful digital strategy

Digital tools are available to make information accessible organisation wide.
Multiple initiative leaders are in support throughout the organisation.
The new system is integrated into standard operating procedures.
There’s a clear change story and business case.


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Walking down the path of a digitised future

We may not be able to predict the future, but we can prepare for it. Organisations choose to build their digital platform at NEXTDC because it comes with flexibility, which your organisation needs to remain agile. Colocation and the interconnections that your business depends on come with choice, ensuring your business can scale at pace, and do so cost-effectively.

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The pivotal steps to take when executing a successful digital transformation strategy
Saving money and accelerating business success from your digital strategy
How colocation is helping customers get digital ready and drive profitability