The digital crossroad: Separating the thrivers from the survivers

For businesses to thrive in the data economy, speed and agility are the fundamental catalysts for responding to change. Achieving this requires holistic thinking around how you connect and manage data and workloads in ways that are highly secure, stripped of complexity, and enable flexibility.

As digital transformation replaces old ways of doing business, there will be winners and losers from the disruption.

IDC explains successful digital transformation as being reliant on converting data into actionable insights. It’s our reliance on this data to exist and to thrive, emerges the new data economy in which we now live.

Organisations that embrace digital transformation will be the real winners, attracting new customers and exposing new revenue opportunities, faster. IDC refers to these companies as data thrivers. Those that resist or stagnate their strategies are known as data survivors.

According to IDC over a three-year period, compared to data survivors, data thrivers experienced:

  • Six times greater improvement in operational efficiency.
  • Three times greater profitability, new customer acquisition, and employee productivity.
  • Twice as much top-line revenue growth, customer satisfaction, improvement, and ability to drive incremental revenue from new product innovations/ business transformation.

To innovate and remain competitive in the data economy, an interconnected, data-centric digital transformation strategy is imperative.

We expose the three major crossroads in business where a new level of thinking is required, to thrive in the data economy.