NEXTDC announce zero latency access to Google Cloud Melbourne region

Jul 29, 2021



BRISBANE, Australia – 29 July 2021. With the formal launch of Google’s new Melbourne Cloud Zone, NEXTDC (ASX: NXT) announce the availability of zero latency data exchanges to Google Cloud from their M2 Melbourne data centre.


Today, Google announced the general availability of their new cloud zone for Melbourne. Helping to further enable the journey to Hybrid Cloud, government and enterprise organisations can connect locally, and natively to Google Cloud’s Melbourne zone from M2.

M2 Melbourne is the newest cloud hosting location for Google Cloud, offering two Google Interconnect access that offer organisations low-latency, secure access directly to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) from anywhere in Australia.

Organisations that connect to Google’s new Melbourne cloud zone from M2 will directly benefit from extremely low latency data exchanges and service quality.

Connecting directly to Google Cloud in Melbourne, instead of transiting to Sydney will return a minimum 10 times performance improvement in terms of latency, enabling a sub-millisecond round-trip time (RTT). Whereas customers with infrastructure located at M2 can expect zero latency performance. Check out what goes into bringing the cloud to businesses.

NEXTDC CEO Craig Scroggie said, “Google’s new Melbourne cloud region, and this enhanced level of local, native access to Google Cloud that we are able to offer gives our customers the major advantage of speed and as little as zero latency.

This will enable businesses to maximise the value, and performance they drive from their Hybrid/Multi-Cloud environments.”

The M2 Google Cloud hosting location directly interconnects to Google Cloud Zone 1 and Zone 2, in two different Melbourne facilities offering customers significantly enhanced resilience and redundancy.

Furthermore, with NEXTDC’s interconnected network of Google Cloud Interconnect locations in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, customers benefit from geo-redundancy and service reliability.

“Direct and native access to Google’s new Melbourne Cloud region from M2 will significantly enhance the cloud capability and optionality we offer our customers.

As our customers continue to modernise and mature their cloud and transformation strategies, NEXTDC continues to support their journey by enabling the safe, seamless and low complexity interconnection capability that businesses are increasingly dependent on.”

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