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Google Cloud Interconnection Services

Secure and superior connections

Private connections at superior speeds delivering increased security and optimal network performance

Simple, seamless, scalable

'Point and Click' deployment for seamless provisioning and simplified management

Access anywhere

Connect from anywhere, Australia wide from 18 NEXTDC and AXON data centre locations

Superior connections between your business and Google Cloud.

Every business, network, and application is different, so too are your cloud and connectivity requirements. When it comes to optimising your Hybrid/Multi-Cloud strategies, we understand the rising challenges and complexities that come with enhancing network performance, improving user and customer experience, and driving cost and complexity down.

NEXTDC is the home to Google's Cloud Interconnect infrastructure, which delivers you greater choice and flexibility when it comes to directly and privately connecting to Google Cloud.

Increase value, not complexity

When you colocate at NEXTDC, you house your critical infrastructure adjacent to Google Cloud. NEXTDC and Google enable you to drive enhanced value and better experiences from your IT investments, by enabling you to bring your business as close as physically possible to your critical applications and IT services in Google Cloud.

NEXTDC’s highly interconnected data centres enable dedicated, high-speed and low-cost connections straight to Google Cloud. By directly connecting to Google's Cloud Interconnects, your interactions are completely private, and secure ensuring your information is safeguarded, whilst guaranteeing consistent, highly reliable and direct access straight to cloud.

Access everything, everywhere

Direct, enterprise-grade access to Google is achieved from S1 Sydney, M2 Melbourne and B2 Brisbane.

S1 Sydney is a Zone 1 location, therefore customers reap the benefits of superior connectivity speeds and the lowest latency possible of 1ms.

For customers connecting to Google's Melbourne cloud zone from M2 Melbourne, will achieve 10 times performance enhancements, enabling as little as zero latency performance.

Google Cloud Interconnect options

Google Cloud Dedicated Interconnect NEXTDC house three of Google's dedicated Interconnect locations in Australia. Delivering a dedicated, high-speed and low cost connection to GCP.

Google Cloud Partner Interconnect delivers enterprise-grade virtual connections to GCP which is accessed via the AXON interconnection platform.

Simply access Google's Dedicated Interconnect via a standard cross connect. Alternatively, access the Partner Interconnect which is available via the AXON network nationally.

Solving cloud migration challenges with Google Cloud Interconnects;

  • Transfer large amounts of data with increased security at lowest latency
  • Select your preferred bandwidth, starting at 50Mpbs scaling to 10Gbps
  • Simplify management and provisioning with 'point and click' deployment
  • You choose the connectivity best suited to you.


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