NEXTDC history

May 2010: NEXTDC was established by one of Australia’s most successful information technology and internet entrepreneurs, Mr Bevan Slattery, to build and operate carrier and vendor neutral data centres in Australia and New Zealand. NEXTDC’s operations consisted solely of the establishment of the Company and the acquisition and development of data centre facilities and the recruitment of a high-performing team.

December 2010: Listed on the ASX after acquiring properties in Brisbane and Melbourne.

March 2011: Acquired Sydney property.

April 2011: Acquired Perth property.

July 2011: Entered into long-term operating lease for Canberra data centre facility.

October 2011: B1 Brisbane data centre went live, Queensland's most fibre-connected data centre.

March 2012: NEXTDC joined S&P/ASX 300.

June 2012: Mr Craig Scroggie took the role of Chief Executive Officer. Mr Slattery became non-executive Deputy Chairman.

July 2012: M1 Melbourne data centre went live, the largest independent data centre in Victoria.

July 2012: Announced the general release of ONEDC® customer portal and app. The release was a world-first development in the data centre industry and represents one of NEXTDC’s many innovations.

July 2012: Announced intention to launch Australia’s first listed data-centre property fund, the Asia Pacific Data Centre Trust (APDC), to enable NEXTDC to recycle lower-yield assets.

August 2012: C1 Canberra data centre went live.

January 2013: Completed the sale of property assets to the Asia Pacific Data Centre Group (APDC) and its admission to the ASX.

May 2013: Achieved ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification for B1 Brisbane, M1 Melbourne, C1 Canberra and Brisbane head office.

September 2013: S1 Sydney data centre went live.

September 2013: S1 Sydney achieved UTI Tier III certification.

September 2013: Changes to the Board - Mr Ted Pretty took over role as Chairman of the Board, Mr Roger Clarke remained as non-executive director. Mr Slattery retired and two new non-executive directors were appointed - Mr Douglas Flynn and Mr Stuart Davis.

October 2013: M1 Melbourne achieved UTI Tier III certification.

December 2013: Offers customers renewable energy from rooftop solar array at M1 Melbourne.

February 2014: P1 Perth data centre achieved UTI Tier III certification. P1 Perth went live.

April 2014: Changes to the Board - Mr Ted Pretty stepped down as Chairman, Mr Doug Flynn assumed the role of independent non-executive Chairman. Mr Pretty remained on the Board as a non-executive director. Dr Gregory Clark was appointed as a non-executive director.

May 2014: P1 Perth achieves ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.

June 2014: S1 Sydney achieves ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.

July 2014: Achieved ISO 27001:2005 Information Security Management System certification for S1 Sydney and M1 Melbourne, supported by the Brisbane head office.

July 2014: Admitted to Australian Government Data Centre Facilities Supplies Panel.

July 2014: Launched Cloud Centre - a searchable marketplace to find and connect with carriers, cloud and IT service providers delivering services from NEXTDC data centres.

July 2014: Launched the NEXTDC Partner Program, ensuring our neutral data centres become the most connected facilities in Australia, offering our customers the broadest choice.

October 2014: Launched Quarter Rack solution to market.

November 2014: Launched Fast Start pay-as-you-go colocation bundles.

February 2015: Launched Azure ExpressRoute connection services.

March 2015: Announced Beta trial of new ONEDC Data Centre Intelligence SaaS platform.

April 2015: Announced an agreement with CenturyLink for the extension of their data centre footprint into Australia.

April 2015: CloudFlare, the leading internet performance and security company, arrives in Melbourne at NEXTDC’s M1 data centre.

June 2015: Ms Elizabeth Gaines joined the NEXTDC board as non-executive director.

June 2015: Contract signed with a leading corporation (an existing customer) for additional capacity of approximately 4MW at S1 Sydney and M1 Melbourne data centres.

July 2015: Launched AXON Systems to deliver the AXONVX (Virtual Exchange), an advanced switching platform providing Connectivity-as-a-Service across the region.

August 2015: Entered into a contract with the Federal Government for the provision of data centre services over a six year term with options for extension, valued at approximately $35 million.

August 2015: Private, high-speed connections to Microsoft Azure via Microsoft ExpressRoute are enabled at the M1 Melbourne data centre.

August 2015: Announced a colocation deal with NetDocuments to support their growing Australian customer base.

November 2015: Announced two new data centres will be developed in Brisbane and Melbourne.

June 2016: M1 Melbourne data centre achieves 4.5 NABERS rating, Australia's first for data centre infrastructure.

September 2016: Announced a second data centre will be developed in Sydney.

September 2016: NEXTDC enters S&P/ASX 200.

2017: P1 Perth data centre achieved Tier III Gold Certification of Operation Sustainability.

April 2017: NEXTDC’s B2 Brisbane data centre was awarded UTI Tier IV certification for design documents.

May 2017: Sydney S1 data centre achieves 4.5 NABERS rating.

June 2017: AWS Direct Connect launches their first Canberra hosting location at NEXTDC C1.

September 2017: B2, Australia's first Tier IV Certified Design and Constructed data centre is opened in Brisbane.

October 2017: AWS Direct Connect launches hosting location in Perth at NEXTDC P1.

October 2017: M2, NEXTDC's second Melbourne facility and Victoria's first Tier IV fully certified data centre is opened.


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