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When the going gets tough, tough partners strategise

Imagine a world free of website downtime and data breaches. An online existence hosted and supported locally with passion, so any necessary recalibration of storage or capacity is flexible, self-managed and agile.

The need for a secure, resilient, and scalable online presence and shared internal business systems keeps snowballing. It is now an imperative as consumers, communities, supply chains and marketplaces all lean into data as a core enabler of lifestyle, engagement, and commerce.

Behind the scenes of this revolution, elevating digital operations across the economy, are companies like The Network Crew (TNC), a hosting/compute and domain authority managed services provider.


Competition, security, productivity, resilience

Australia’s native web domain hosting sector has been under siege from local consolidation and fierce international competition. In addition to a string of mergers and acquisitions, there’s been a plethora of well-resourced global players leveraging scale, deep marketing pockets and automation to chip away at market share.

There are only two ways to respond. Either you match lower prices, or you find ways to add value to services through innovation and strategic partnering to deliver the stability customers crave. TNC works tirelessly to resist the former and continues to invest in the latter.

In order to foster the cost efficiency, productivity, and business continuity advantage a functional, stable, and flexible online presence delivers, TNC needs a secure, resilient platform of its own. One that delivers core stability with easy, direct interconnection to clouds, carriers, and internet exchanges. This allows them to focus attention on higher priorities such as growth and innovative ways to support customers’ Hybrid IT strategy.

“In our industry, unless you want to cut margins to the bone, a reputation for security, reliability and agile support is everything,” Luke Thompson, TNC’s Chief Technical Officer said. “Over the last two years, our customers have been reeling from the effects of a global health crisis, extreme weather events and the shortage of skills in the IT space just when they need to stabilise, leverage and interconnect their physical and virtual IT.”

“Digital is now such a big part of the end customers’ business. They need security, availability, and scalability. They also need the flexibility to connect from anywhere to everything with agility as their markets and operations keep evolving.”


Leveraging megatrends

Without specialist skills to leverage megatrends like cloud, software defined networking (SDN) and other as-a-service delivery models, many organisations are turning to services partners to resolve broader business objectives such as functional process automations, technology reviews and broader continuity planning.

As part of a technology and strategy refresh, TNC moved their infrastructure from an alternate supplier because of concerns about their security protocols and resilience planning. Now 100% of their hosting platform is in NEXTDC facilities. From within the NEXTDC ecosystem, TNC has enabled a reliable, secure infrastructure environment for customers which gives them flexibility and agility to meet demand for customised mission-critical services and seamless growth.

With security, resilience and carbon neutral sustainability assured, TNC are able to pay forward those assurances and focus on their innovation and growth agenda.


Business resilience

“When we have faith in the foundations of security, resilience and interconnection, we have freedom to develop smarter, more reliable and efficient services for customers,” Thompson said.

“Instead of running around putting out fires, we have time to understand clients’ challenges and objectives; to really push the envelope on the benefits they can obtain from technology and consultancy investments.”

“By unearthing and reimagining their status quo we’re able to deliver innovative, thought-provoking methodologies – fostering growth.

“In the majority of cases, managing risk of systems or data unavailability and being there to help when they have an issue is the most important value proposition we can provide. NEXTDC’s infrastructure platform gives us the security, resilience, visibility and management oversight, the critical success factors underpinning our services.”

Sovereign ecosystem, sustainable growth

TNC are well positioned to grow their data centre footprint as customer needs continue to evolve and they are passionate about making sure this digital growth is sovereign and sustainable.

Having opted into NEXTDC’s NEXTneutral carbon offset program, they are able to assure clients their core hosted web assets and data storage is operating at net zero carbon emissions. Knowing all NEXTDC facilities are DTA Certified Strategic ensures customers can work within Government hosting requirements for Australian sovereign data to remain 100% within Australian borders.

“As we look to bolster our own redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities, we also have to keep an eye on being able to support customer requirements for data sovereignty and environmental sustainability,” Thompson said. “NEXTDC is setting the benchmark on this for data centre services in this country. They’re true innovators.”

“Just by hosting our clients within NEXTDC’s facilities, we get all the security, resilience and sustainability standards critical to our customers as part of our standard SLA.”

Compliance and access

“It’s comforting to know we are operating in data centres certified to the highest government standards for security and sovereignty. Keeping our platforms and services wholly within a national sovereign ecosystem such as NEXTDC’s ensures all of our clients are ready to work within Government agency minimum standards.

“We are ready for anything. Our clients are too. We think NEXTDC represents the heart of Australian digital infrastructure innovation. These are Tier IV facilities trusted by technology giants. We wouldn’t colocate our kit anywhere else.”

Our partnership advantage

Business resilience: freedom to develop smarter, more reliable and efficient services for customers

Sovereign ecosystem, sustainable growth: all the security, resilience and sustainability standards critical to our customers as part of our standard SLA

Compliance and access: we are operating in data centres certified to the highest government standards for security and sovereignty

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