Secure, high-speed connection to your Azure and Office 365 cloud services

Connect to Microsoft ExpressRoute with NEXTDC

Carrier neutral

Select your preferred carrier and connect to the multitude of IT service providers that make up our NEXTDC ecosystem.

Hybrid solutions

Integrate your own infrastructure, Azure cloud and other services seamlessly.

Secure, private connection

You data doesn’t touch the public internet. Making it more reliable, secure and fast.

Secure, private connections to your Microsoft cloud services

Microsoft ExpressRoute provides a high-performance, private and secure connection between your IT environment and your Microsoft Azure and Office 365 cloud services and is accessible from any of NEXTDC’s five data centres across the country.

ExpressRoute is delivered via AXONVX, our virtual connectivity platform made up of lightning fast Ethernet connections. ExpressRoute via AXONVX is your own private connection that never touches the public internet, meaning enhanced security of your data and interactions and greater reliability and resiliency of your mission critical infrastructure.

ExpressRoute is charged directly from Microsoft. To learn more about ExpressRoute pricing please see the Microsoft website.

Sourced from: Microsoft Azure - ExpressRoute

Why connect to Microsoft ExpressRoute with NEXTDC?

  • agility - connectivity when you need it
  • cost effective - pay by the hour for your virtual connections
  • rapid activations - automated provisioning that happens in minutes
  • secure private connection - your data doesn't touch the internet
  • extremely low latency - 1ms possible in some locations
  • carrier-neutral - select your preferred carrier network(s)

Create a hybrid cloud solution at NEXTDC

NEXTDC colocation customers will be able to integrate their own infrastructure, Azure cloud and other services seamlessly within our data centre facilities forming their hybrid cloud solution.

Enjoy the benefits of our world class facilities, as well as the ability to connect to the multitude of IT service providers that form part of the NEXTDC ecosystem.


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