NEXTDC M2 Melbourne data centre operations reign superior in Victoria

Aug 21, 2019



NEXTDC Limited (ASX: NXT), Australia’s leading Data Centre-as-a-Service provider is pleased to announce that its M2 Melbourne data centre has achieved Uptime Institute’s Tier IV Gold Certification for Operational Sustainability, recognising the company’s dedication to building and operating the world’s most sustainable and operationally superior data centres.

M2 Melbourne is the only colocation data centre in Victoria and only the second in Australia to achieve Uptime Institute’s (UI) Tier IV Gold certification for Operational Sustainability. The first was NEXTDC’s B2 facility in Brisbane. M2 Melbourne and B2 Brisbane are the only colocation facilities in the Southern Hemisphere that have achieved this level of operational excellence.

“Achieving Uptime Institute’s Tier IV Gold Certification for Operational Sustainability at our M2 facility is an outstanding achievement driven by NEXTDC’s facility management and central operations teams. Adding a second Tier IV Gold certified facility to our footprint, building on our foundation of Tier III Gold generation one sites, re-emphasises the commitment we make to our customers and their business objectives in delivering them 100% uptime based on the professional management of our fault tolerant critical infrastructure,” said Simon Cooper, Chief Operating Officer at NEXTDC.

Uptime Institute’s Gold Operational Sustainability global standard recognises the human factors that must be considered when running a data centre that meets fault tolerant standards. It includes climate-change preparedness and edge computing approaches to outages, energy efficiency, rack density, and staffing trends.

NEXTDC’s ongoing commitment and investment into UI Gold certification means it is uniquely positioned in the Australian market to deliver the highest possible levels of operational excellence and to help customers in managing long-term operational risks and behaviours.

M2 release

NEXTDC has excelled in the Southern Hemisphere, leading the market for operational excellence, said Phil Collerton, Chief Revenue Officer at Uptime Institute. “Now they showcase their dedication to sustainability and operational excellence with the addition of M2 Melbourne’s Tier IV Gold achievement, aligning the company’s Gold standards throughout their entire business.”

Simon adds “The most important aspect of a data centre are its day to day operations, and the data centres we build and operate meet the highest possible operational standards that are recognised by the worlds most respected independent data centre authority”.

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