Customer Support - IDACs and inductions

Site inductions

In order to gain full access to your NEXTDC data centre, a site induction is necessary to be carried for all staff that will visit and use the data centre. Inductions are an important part of the onboarding process and as such must be carried out at every data centre where you have a presence. The objective of site inductions are to ensure that you are appropriately briefed on safety protocols and are given ample guidance to navigate through the data centres yourself. Once a site induction has been carried out, you will be issued with an IDAC which contains the necessary access you need within the data centre itself (Identity Access Card).

If you require access to multiple NEXTDC data centres, your access will be updated once site inductions have been carried out at each location.

How to arrange your induction

Step 1: Online induction

Request access by raising a ticket in ONEDC. The nominated person will then receive an email with a link to our online induction portal.

Step 2: Book onsite facility induction | Arrange IDAC collection

Once the online induction is complete you can proceed to booking in an onsite facility induction at the appropriate NEXTDC data centre location. You can book induction through ONEDC or by contacting our Customer Experience Centre. Once your induction concludes, you will be free to collect your IDAC from our Customer Service team located in Front of House at each data centre.

Induction FAQs

When are onsite inductions held?

Inductions are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:00am. Group numbers are limited and inductions are scheduled around those registered therefore inductions must be registered in advance.

How long do inductions take?

Onsite inductions generally take around 20 minutes. Online inductions can be completed in your own time, at your own pace.

What should I bring to my induction?

In compliance with our rigorous security protocols, all customers are required to be checked into our data centres. To ensure a smooth check-in process, please bring a Government issued photo identification (drivers licence or passport). Flat enclosed shoes must also be worn for safety purposes.

Identity Access Cards (IDACs)

IDAC types

There are four main types of IDACs that can be used in NEXTDCs data centres:

  • Customer IDAC
    This IDAC is for employees within your organisation that will be accessing the facility regularly. These team members are required to complete an onsite induction at each location you have a presence (that they will be visiting) before being issued with a customer IDAC which will contain all necessary access rights.
  • Guest IDAC
    Guests are people that have not carried out a site induction and as such, are required to be escorted by an inducted person at all times. If you are unable to escort your guest, we can offer you a guide through our Remote Hands technical support services which can be booked in ONEDC.
  • Contractor IDAC
    This IDAC is suitable for third party contractors who will be accessing the data centre regularly. Contractors are required to complete a NEXTDC site induction before being issued with an IDAC. Contractor visits need to booked in advance through ONEDC or by contacting our Customer Experience team.
  • Service Provider IDAC
    To receive a Service Provider IDAC a Letter of Authority signed by a NEXTDC customer and Service Provider Agreement with NEXTDC is required. Service Providers are also required to complete a facility induction at each NEXTDC location in order to be granted the necessary access.