Customer Support - Ticketing Process

Service management, permits and tickets

To arrange any of the following services simply submit a request via the ticket management tab in the ONEDC portal.

Booking deliveries

For deliveries to NEXTDC facilities, when booking a delivery / pickup, you’ll need to supply the following information:

  • Details of courier company (or driver name for self-delivery)
  • Consignment / ticket reference number
  • Consignment details: number of pallets / boxes, weight
  • Estimate pickup / arrival date and time
  • For pickup: pack, label and arrange collection for all goods

Loading dock access

To book loading dock access to self-deliver goods, use the standard delivery request in the ONEDC portal.

Important to note when accessing the loading dock (post approval):

  • Remove all vehicles from the loading dock area immediately following unloading / loading
  • Unpack goods in the designated area
  • Place all rubbish and empty pallets in the rubbish disposal room

Guest access

Guest Access is for temporary visitor access to NEXTDC data centres.

Important to note when requesting guest access;

  • Guest must be escorted at all times by an authorised person (NEXTDC employee or an inducted IDAC holder).
  • IDAC holders may request access for up to three guests.
  • Guests visiting the NEXTDC data centre facilities must carry either a current passport or Australian Driver Licence for identification purposes, and wear fully enclosed footwear.

Contractor access

Contractor Access is for visitors, typically contractors, performing work in NEXTDC data centres.

Important to note when requesting contractor access:

  • Visitors entering via a Contractor Access request must complete a site induction prior to commencing works onsite.
  • Visitors performing potentially hazardous work must also have an approved Permit to Work.
  • The maximum contractor access period is 1 month.
  • You can request access for up to 8 contractors per request.

Permit to Work

Anyone performing potentially hazardous work must have an approved Permit to Work.

  • Permit to Work Requests must be submitted at least 7 days prior to the planned work commencement date.
  • Permit to Work Requests must be maximum of 7 days duration.
  • All Permit to Work Requests are subject to review and approval by the City Facility Manager.

Booking a car park

Limited guest parking is available at all NEXTDC facilities, due to demand, it’s best book in advance.

You’ll need the following information to complete the booking:

  • Driver’s name, email and contact number
  • Driver’s vehicle registration number

Booking a staging or meeting room

NEXTDC facilities have staging rooms and meeting rooms available for your use. Due to demand, it’s best to book in advance.

Important to note when using a staging or meeting room:

  • Staging rooms can be booked for up to a maximum of 7 days. Meeting rooms can be booked for up to 4 hours. To request a longer booking, contact the Customer Experience Centre 1300 698 677.
  • Once finished with the room, please remove all materials and leave neat and tidy.
  • Please take the reasonable precautions to protect the floor, wall and ceiling surfaces.

If any damage is caused through negligent or reckless behaviour or any rubbish / packaging is left in the staging rooms or loading docks, you may incur a fee accordingly.