ONEDC is NEXTDC’s data centre management tool, it’s what you use to order your structured cabling, add users, book cross connects, deliveries and arrange facility inductions for your team.

An improved ONEDC experience is coming soon

We're releasing an enhanced version of ONEDC and soon we'll be taking steps to upgrade you across to enjoy the benefits.

NEXTDC is committed to improving your experience with us. After listening to your feedback this version includes an improved user interface, seamless access on all your devices and one login (no matter how many accounts you manage).

If you'd like to speak to someone from the ONEDC support team you can email or call (02) 6171 2433.

ONEDC Instructional Videos

Unlock a Rack
How do I read the rack page?
Switch Customers
Introduction to Users and Groups
Create Groups and Invite Users
Manage Rack Unlock Permissions
Manage ONEDC Permissions
Tying it all together
Introduction to Cross-connects and Structured Cabling
Cross-connects and Structured Cabling Advanced
Apply for a Cable Licence, Permit to Work or Remote Hands
Apply for guest access, request access for a service provider or book an escorted tour
Book a delivery, apply for contractor access or book a parking ticket


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