ONEDC is NEXTDC’s data centre management tool, it’s what you use to order your structured cabling, add users, book cross connects, deliveries and arrange facility inductions for your team.

An improved ONEDC experience is coming soon

We're releasing an enhanced version of ONEDC and soon we'll be taking steps to upgrade you across to enjoy the benefits.

NEXTDC is committed to improving your experience with us. After listening to your feedback this version includes an improved user interface, seamless access on all your devices and one login (no matter how many accounts you manage).


Do I have to upgrade to the new version?
Yes, this is a complete cut over to the new system. We think you’ll like it.

How do I maintain the rack unlocking access of my users?
We will be migrating all of your active ONEDC users and IDAC holders, and we will do our best to duplicate the exact type of access they currently have. When you log in to the new portal for the first time, please make it a priority to review the access we have provided to your staff and contractors and make any necessary changes.

If you have a complex set up, we will be in touch to help you design a groups structure. Here’s some more info on access management.

What if I have more than one ONEDC account?
If you service more than one customer and have more than one ONEDC account, we can combine all your accounts into one.

When the invitation for each customer arrives, click the login link for each customer when it arrives, and make sure to use the name and email for each account. After that, you’ll be able to switch between customers using the same log in session. Please note, the first customer you log into after migration will become your default system and be the one that loads automatically when you log in. Here’s some extra info on how to switch customers and about the invitation process.

Important: Your email address must be a company address and not a generic email (Gmail, Yahoo etc).

Why can’t I use a Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail address?
All emails must now belong to a domain associated with a company (e.g. We needed to make this change to facilitate integration with single sign on resources and allow you to use one account to access all your companies.

What if I have never logged in to ONEDC and only access racks through my IDAC?
ONEDC is the portal NEXTDC customers use to control rack unlocking so you have always had an account, you just didn’t know it! With our new user management system, we need you to accept an invitation to ONEDC but you still won’t have to log in unless your admin decides to change your access level (the invitation email will tell you if you have access to the portal).

To accept the invitation, just click the link in the email and fill in your details. You will need to accept the invitation to maintain your IDAC access to the customer’s racks.

I service multiple customers. What if I log into ONEDC for some customers and not others?
That’s okay! If the admin of a customer has given you portal access, you’ll be able to log in and see all their data. If they haven’t, you won’t see their data in your portal.


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