10 August 2015

Federal Government puts their critical infrastructure with NEXTDC

Today we announced the win of a significant Federal Government contract, a very momentous occasion for us because it is testament to the quality of NEXTDC’s DCaaS offering: our flexibility, capacity to deliver at scale and our world-class facility design and operations, which made us stand out against our competition.

Our in-house engineering and project management expertise is a fundamental point of difference and the outstanding consultative work our team did in designing the data centre infrastructure to support the Governments’ unique requirements and delivery times was a significant component in winning this deal.

The customer’s unique type of high density requirement means we will draw on our Project Plus engineering capacity, especially designed for this type of application. Project Plus allows us to increase MW capacity without needing additional land, building or fit out of additional data halls.

Due to the critical and sensitive nature of the infrastructure the department, location and use will not be made publicly available.

In the past year, our quality-first engineering design philosophy saw NEXTDC win two of the world’s most prized awards for data centres, the 2014 DatacenterDynamics APAC Award for “Innovation in the Mega-Data Centre”; and the 2015 Uptime Institute Brill Award for Efficient IT in the Product Solutions category for the APAC region.

The Brill Award is recognition of our world-leading technical achievements and of our ability to use innovation to deliver exceptional reliability to our customers, through solutions that are both cost effective and highly efficient. Sometimes it's hard to express how extraordinary our engineering and project management teams are not only in the design and build, but also in the operation of our data centres to world-class standards.

During the past year we have added more than 10MW of network capacity, increasing our total capacity to 42MW (supporting around 9,000 racks of IT equipment) across our national network.

We are the only independent data centre operator in Australia with this capability. Our customers trust their critical infrastructure to our expertly engineered data centres, which offer guaranteed 100% uptime, 24/7 specialist technical support and centralised management with our ONEDC® software.