03 October 2013

What a Tier III certified data centre looks like

This is what a best-of-breed, Tier III-certified data centre looks like, designed for the comfort and security of both machine and man, beautiful in its functionality.

Strategically located 15km from Sydney’s CBD, S1 is easily accessible via road, rail and bus transport.


CEO Craig Scroggie at S1’s entrance. The three bullet-resistant ‘mantraps’ (also called air-locks or security portals) seen in the background protect access to the secure areas of the data centre.


This is the lobby area just inside the Gunnebo security portals. Up those stairs on the first floor S1 has capacity for shared customer hot-desking, private customer suites, purpose-built NOCs or SMCs, or temporary offices for the project management of larger installations.


Blue stands for ‘cold’ as in ‘cold-aisle containment’. Cold air is blown under the raised floor and directed up through the vents in the front of the racks, the equipment then draws in the cold air through the rack door, heating it up in the process. The air exits the back of the rack warming the rest of the room.


This is the so-called ‘Hunt for Red October’ corridor; behind each of these red doors is one of S1’s Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply Units (DRUPS), including a dedicated diesel generator for each.