23 May 2017

We've done it again – S1 achieves NABERS 4.5-star rating

And this is only the beginning!

Our S1 Sydney data centre has joined M1 Melbourne with certification to be operating at a NABERS 4.5-star level of energy efficiency.

“S1's 4.5-star NABERS rating further demonstrates NEXTDC's commitment to the efficient use of energy. We now have 30 megawatts of our total capability operating with this certification", says NEXTDC’s Chief Operating Officer, Simon Cooper, “and this is only the beginning."

"Expect to see more from us on sustainability in the future, as we continue to invest and grow our business responsibly in support of Australia’s expanding digital economy."

The National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) certification process was begun in February 2016 and required a year of measurement and considerable effort from NEXTDC engineering team. A rating of this standard confirms NEXTDC’s commitment to meeting customer demand for keeping IT and energy costs to a minimum and building a strong sustainability strategy.

"We now have 30 megawatts of our total capability operating with this certification, and this is only the beginning." NEXTDC Chief Operating Officer, Simon Cooper

The S1 facility team has a key role in the NABERS certification. They monitor and fine-tune the power and mechanical systems to match the seasonal conditions and ensure the systems are running as efficiently as possible, while ensuring that capacity and redundancy aren’t compromised. The facility team are also responsible for ensuring that energy saving design elements such as free air-side and water-side cooling run as smoothly and safely as possible.

The 15MW-capacity S1 has won two of the world’s most prized awards for data centres: the DatacenterDynamics Asia-Pacific Award for Innovation in the Mega-Data Centre in 2014; and the Uptime Institute Brill Award for Efficient IT in the Product Solutions category for the Asia-Pacific region for 2015.