04 June 2017

NEXTDC C1 is the new home for Amazon Web Services in Canberra

Exciting news for the nation’s capital today with the announcement that our C1 Canberra data centre is the newest hosting location for AWS Direct Connect cloud on-ramp.

Andrew Phillips, AWS A/NZ Public Sector Country Manager, said “The launch of the AWS Direct Connect service out of NEXTDC’s Canberra data centre will enable our Federal and ACT government customers to connect the hyper-scale AWS Cloud and run synchronous replication across independent zones, helping to ensure government data is managed securely – with high resilience."

"This in turn will help government agencies deliver improved services to Australian citizens, who increasingly rely on digital services for their interactions with government.”

Liam O'Duibhir, Director of 2pi Software – a Bega-based regional software start-up and AWS Partner – welcomed the news for regional ICT service providers:

“With the arrival of an AWS Direct Connect presence in Canberra, the immense power of the Amazon Web Services’ suite of services can be leveraged by tech companies in rural and regional NSW and the ACT to upskill local kids via code nights, hackathons and start-up camps to provide an enormous boost to the job prospects and career opportunities of regional youth.”

Investing in capital development

C1 has undergone a major redevelopment over the past nine months, with $20m under investment to expand data hall space and upgrade critical infrastructure, bringing the facility’s total target capacity to 4.8MW and aligning it with NEXTDC’s national UTI Tier III standards.

C1 offers 2,260m2 of high-density technical space and a 1,000-rack capacity, plus on-demand connectivity to 50+ carriers including the protected ICON network, and major cloud platforms such as AWS, IBM SoftLayer, Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

NEXTDC - Aerial - 2.jpg

Built to support ASIO T4 requirements, C1 offers extremely high physical security for protecting customer infrastructure: ramraid barrier, blast-resistant doors at the secure loading dock, intruder-resistant glass, steel mesh and solid concrete walls.


The C1 foyer, showing a bullet-resistant security portal that provides access to the secure areas, each accessed via biometric fingerprint reader and ID access card, monitored by 24/7 onsite concierge and a network of motion-sensitive CCTV cameras.


C1 offers private office suites and a range of meeting spaces including a sound-proof boardroom; plus an atrium chill out zone for onsite workers to relax and recharge.

NEXTDC(07022017)-24 - Copy.jpg

Dedicated private secure suites or computing PODs at C1 can be deployed in any configuration or security zone within weeks, not months, of an order being placed.


The cold aisle containment shown here in a C1 data hall can cool up to 6kWs in a standard rack and as much as 30kW for special requirements.


C1’s connection to the secure ICON network is dual-pathway, active, and only a cross connect away – and easily combined with a choice of 50+ carriers including Telstra, Optus, Uecomm, AAPT, Superloop, TransAct, Transgrid either physically provisioned or virtually via AXON.


C1 features Piller’s unique Rotary UPS, ensuring power to both A and B rack supplies and offering well established service resilience and efficiency.

NEXTDC(07022017)-3 C1 Piller screen.jpg

C1’s power distribution system ensures IT load support – if a B feed experiences performance issues, all others seamlessly increase their output.


Efficient heat removal is a major consideration when looking at the quality andf efficiency of a data centre. As part of the ongoing upgrade works NEXTDC have installed brand new, highly efficient cooling system components in C1, including oil-free, large-capacity, low-friction compressor chillers featuring magnetic bearings, in an N+1 configuration..

Boost to regional IT a win for communities

All levels of government in Australia have clearly stated policies of making service delivery more effective and efficient through outsourcing and innovations like cloud computing, and engaging with citizens and communities online, which has seen the Federal Government IT spend increase by $3b to $10b in the past two years.

C1 Canberra serves government agencies directly or through our partners like AWS, and our ongoing investment in C1 ensures that government data is hosted securely in a highly resilient environment, with access to the world’s leading IT services.

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