19 September 2022

Cloud-first is big business. Right across the digital economy, we are embracing the idea that we need to maximise usage of public and private clouds to accelerate digital transformation.

05 September 2022

Most people can agree innovation is a good thing, but as a business leader, how do you actually ‘do’ it? Obviously, it’s never a simple proposition and requires the right...

30 August 2022

It can be difficult to keep heading up an escalator that is moving in the other direction but investing in areas where brand new IT projects are being created is...

23 August 2022

Broadly at NEXTDC we’ve been talking about the Great Reset – an all-encompassing post-COVID shake-up of business and social landscapes.

25 July 2022

Recent global disruption has been the catalyst for digital acceleration across industry, government and communities. It has created a flurry of infrastructure architecture projects to support new initiatives, operational change...