Data centres and beyond
27 April 2021

Recent weather events in Western Australia served to further emphasise the fact our climate is changing. It’s also adding to the awakening that businesses, and importantly, customers are taking notice...

Cloud/Connectivity Industry trends
26 April 2021

Ensuring ‘consistent’ connectivity experiences is no longer a pipe dream as we discovered in Part 1 of this ‘MythBusters’ series. Often, misinformation and lack of clarity can hinder today’s overstretched...

20 April 2021

As your digital transformation accelerates, so too will your challenges around security, compliance and resilience of the increasing volume of data under management.

Cloud/Connectivity Data centres and beyond
19 April 2021

Imagine a world of ‘consistent’ connectivity experiences. A world of guaranteed reliability and cost-effective options – where your business seamlessly and directly connects to your cloud providers and delivers consistent...

28 March 2021

Managing extraordinary growth is a great problem to have but, at the end of the day, it’s still a challenge which needs to be met with innovation, transparency and flexibility.