05 October 2020

With all this change surrounding the role that data centres play comes the need for a shift in thinking, a culture shift in adopting safety excellence as another imperative to...

13 September 2020

In the digital era, no business can afford to be offline. Not for a second. Not for any of the systems, applications and services that are critical to the functionality...

07 September 2020

With technology evolving at such a rapid pace, anyone could be forgiven for losing track of the digital infrastructure and services required to keep us all connected.

24 August 2020

The need to rapidly respond to change and evolve in step with the shifting needs of customers is an evergreen strategy for every business.

Cloud/Connectivity Data centres and beyond
11 August 2020

In a world where digital transformation is becoming pervasive across businesses of all shapes and sizes, connectivity is more important than ever. In Western Australia, it is arguably more important...