Partner news
28 October 2019

We are living and experiencing the 4th industrial revolution – the cyber physical age. It is undoubtedly the most exciting time in human history, and it is rife with opportunity...

22 October 2019

The dust has settled and the muscle pains have eased for the brave 46 riders who donned their NEXTDC lycra and rode 200KMs in The Smith Family’s annual Around the...

Company news
03 October 2019

It takes an army to build the infrastructure platform which is enabling Australia’s digital economy to thrive and a powerful ecosystem to deliver the critical IT services that organisations depend...

20 September 2019

At NEXTDC, we feel passionately about ensuring future generations have the same opportunities and resources that we have today.

Company news
18 September 2019

Our team are gearing up for another year of Around the Bay success.