07 February 2022

Traditionally, Australian health insurance providers thrived within largely-state-based regions where they often dominated based on intimate local connection to community, employers and health services.

Cloud/Connectivity Data centres and beyond
31 January 2022

Modern hybrid IT environments are engine rooms driving growth, innovation, productivity and cost reductions.

Cloud/Connectivity Data centres and beyond
07 December 2021

IT services companies have been instrumental in driving digital transformation. By leveraging intimate customer knowledge and innovative approaches to what’s possible with technology, strategic partners have led the way facilitating...

Data centres and beyond
29 November 2021

According to a recent NEXTDC poll, 40% of organisations identify getting stakeholder buy-in as the biggest obstacle technology leaders face getting data migration projects off the ground.

Data centres and beyond Events and awards
25 November 2021

‘Excellence’ is a word bandied around freely in the modern world; not always appropriately. For organisations trying to advance their digital transformation strategy and get the best out of Hybrid...