17 February 2022

A new technology centre of excellence for Adelaide

By David Dzienciol

Today is an exciting day! This morning we announced the purchase of land in Adelaide, the site of our first data centre in SA with the intent to build a highly sophisticated 10MW technology centre excellence - A1 Adelaide.

The announcement of A1 has been a long time coming. For years we’ve been asked by our customers and partners when we were coming to Adelaide. It was never a question of ‘If’ but ‘when’. This announcement is the result of years of exploration and working closely with the Adelaide City Council and SA Government to find the right location to bring NEXTDC’s infrastructure platform to SA.

The location of A1 is extraordinary, standing centrally at 211 Pirie Street in the heart of the CBD. The site was identified through Adelaide City Council’s Strategic Property Review and purchased under and Expression of Interest (EOI) campaign for the sale and redevelopment of the site and adjoining Pirie Flinders UPark car park. It was a unanimous decision that NEXTDC demonstrated clear delivery certainty and strong alignment with sustainability and growth and innovation values upheld by the SA Government.

A1 will play a critical role in further strengthening the state’s sovereign and hi-tech capabilities that are critical to the future of the defence and hi-tech industries. Adelaide is a city that is focused on building greater digital capabilities and attracting a broad range of businesses and investment. Our partnership with the South Australian Government will be instrumental in developing our long-term strategy to support the growth of the state.

A1 will be a first of its kind for South Australia. The development will be a comprehensive technology centre of excellence. Consisting of our premium-grade data centre infrastructure; a Mission Critical Operations tower (MCX) providing highly reliable and customisable business continuity, disaster recovery, security, network and remote operations suites to house essential personnel safely and securely; and an Innovation Centre which will form an entrepreneurial incubation hub.

The innovation centre will be a springboard for innovation, acting as a place to cultivate local technology expertise and the opportunity for collaboration with the state’s universities. This will play a pivotal role in supporting growth across the state, ensuring a pipeline of skilled workers for the future, to further enhance South Australia’s reputation for hi-tech, including capabilities around artificial intelligence, data analytics and cyber security.

Like NEXTDC’s extended infrastructure platform, A1 will align to same Uptime Institute Tier IV standards, delivering complete fault tolerance and uptime assurance to our customers and expansive ecosystems of partners, carriers and vendors.

We remain firmly committed to building the most sustainable and energy efficient infrastructure platforming the country. A1 will champion the same world class sustainability standards NEXTDC have become synonymous for. Targeting an aggressive and industry leading power usage spot rating of 1.15 (1.2 annualised), A1 will also offer 100% carbon neutral data centre solutions to organisations under our NEXTneutral program which will support them in reaching their goal of net zero emissions, faster.

We are honoured to have been selected by the City of Adelaide to develop this strategic site into a new world-class technology centre of excellence. We are excited to have been selected to be a part of the growing ecosystem of leading technology companies that are investing in the South Australian economy including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Google Cloud, IBM and Oracle.

Reach out to NEXTDC to find out more.