06 October 2017

Take a look inside our new B2 data centre

Hey there data centre fans, with the aroma of ‘new data centre’ fresh in the air, we’re put together for you a snapshot of our first Uptime Institute Tier IV-certified facility, B2 in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, and profiled some of our friendly Brisbane ‘Nexters’.

B2 exterior pipes.jpg

At B2 we designed and installed the condenser water pipes outside the building to free-up multiple rows of additional racks, and achieved catastrophic leak tolerance by default.

George Dionisopoulos - Head of Customer Operations.jpg

Say hi to George Dionisopoulos, NEXTDC’s Head of Customer Operations. The customer experience is a priority at NEXTDC.

Foyer with Gunnebos security portals.jpg

Bullet-resistant security portals from Gunnebo provide access to B2’s most secure areas, accessed via combined biometric fingerprint readers and swipe card authentication.


24/7 onsite customer service representatives, security and technical support makes B2 the ultimate full-service data centre facility.

chill-out and meeting rooms.jpg

The onsite chill-out room features meeting rooms, kitchenette, large flat screen TVs, massage chair, Foxtel and free Wi-Fi. It’s the perfect place to get something done in comfort, relax after some hard hours in the data hall, or get together with customers for a business opportunity review

B2 data hall.jpg

B2 offers an initial IT capacity of 2MW across the first data hall’s 1,200m2 of technical space – and up to 12MW total capacity at full fit-out. Overhead bus duct and solid data hall floors allow for rapid installation of customer racks.

Adam Bell - Data Centre Coordinator.jpg

B2 uses hot aisle containment: Adam Bell – Data Centre Coordinator, is seen here in the cold aisle (blue) where rack fronts can be accessed, and that sits in between the hot aisles (red) that contain the exhaust air from every rack and take it away though the ceiling plenum.

Tanya Hain, Qld Business Development Manager.jpg

Introducing Tanya Hain, one of our Queensland Business Development Managers. Customers can control access to their racks and monitor the environment through our DCIM-as-a-Service platform – ONEDC.

Gas fire suppression cylinders.jpg

B2 has an inert gas fire-suppression system that quickly reduces the available oxygen in the data hall and quenches any potential ignition event, allowing all the other IT equipment in the data hall to continue to operate unaffected.

interconnection room.jpg

NEXTDC offers our customers the option of physical or virtual connections, including a direct cross-connect to B1 for seamless connectivity between the B2 and B1 ecosystems.

Kevyn Dick - Services Manager.jpg

Kevyn Dick, Services Manager for B2, is checking on the high-performance MTU diesel engines from Penske Power Systems. Kev was previously the Building Maintenance Coordinator at B1.

Piller Iso-P Bus.jpg

In grey, the ABB supplied boards that enable Piller’s Isolated-Parallel Bus-based electrical distribution and protection scheme (IP-Bus), the heart of B2’s highly reliable and low-risk power system. In blue, the Piller Rotary UPS than can support 1.6MW of load for up to 15 seconds while the MTU generator fires up.

Want to learn more about Uptime Institute Tier IV or B2’s innovative design? Take a look at the news: NEXTDC launches Australia's first Uptime Institute Tier IV-Certified Constructed Facility