06 December 2017

Uptime Institute client showcase: NEXTDC

“Achieving Uptime Institute’s Tier IV Certification is partly about keeping the design elegantly simple, and keeping the paths separated to make it fault tolerant. The data centres that we build and operate are infrastructure for the future, and they have to meet the highest reliability standards.” Jeff Van Zetten, NEXTDC Head of Engineering and Design

How did B2 Brisbane gain the exceptional level of fault tolerance to be awarded Tier IV Certification of Constructed Facility (TCCF) from Uptime Institute, the world’s leading independent data centre advisory organisation?

NEXTDC B2 PIller RUPS and IP Bus.jpg

Above: Tier IV fault tolerance was achieved with the addition of differential fault protection and isolation transformers to the electrical system, and the complete fire-segregation of each power string.

Find out how we have delivered an exceptional level of reliability and resilience to any enterprise looking to de-risk its reliance on data by maximising uptime.

B2 cooling towers.jpg

Above: Incredibly efficient, stand-alone modular cooling units are a crucial factor in the B2 cooling system achieving fault tolerance.

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