26 February 2015

Uptime Institute honours NEXTDC with worldwide award for design excellence

The Uptime Institute, an independent thought leader and certification body in IT and data centres, today announced NEXTDC as one of 15 winning projects worldwide in the second annual Brill Awards for Efficient IT. NEXTDC was awarded in the Product Solutions category for the APAC region – the only Product Solutions award globally for 2015.

The Brill Awards are the data centre industry's premier design and engineering awards, granted to projects, ideas and products that improve the industry's ability to sustainably deliver IT services to the end user. Other winners for 2015 include Boeing, Nomura Research Institute and Raytheon.

NEXTDC’S Head of Engineering & Design, Jeff Van Zetten, was the driving force behind the company’s win. “This award is the ultimate recognition of the overall design excellence of NEXTDC's facilities,” said Mr Van Zetten, “because our core purpose is to provide industry-leading data centres that are highly innovative, reliable and efficient.”

“Our focus was one of the key differentiators of our data centre design: the power system utilising Piller DRUPS-IP. The Uptime Institute had not seen it developed in a segregated and modular form before, which is how we modelled it to achieve better resilience.”

NEXTDC utilises isolated parallel DRUPS power systems to provide continuous A and B power to IT equipment, even in the event of a UPS failure. Other award-winning design features include Turbocor magnetic-bearing, low-friction compressors, and free air and water-side economisation in conjunction with variable speed EC CRAC fans, hot/cold aisle containment and innovative floor grille management.

“The sharing of information made possible by this forum has created a ground swell of collaboration between traditional IT and Facilities groups and caused the vendor community to listen and provide products never before available,” said Brill Awards judge Steve Press, Vice President at Kaiser Permanente.

NEXTDC's Chief Operating Officer Simon Cooper commented, "This Brill Award is recognition of our world-leading technical achievements and of our ability to use innovation to deliver exceptional reliability to our customers, through solutions that are both cost effective and highly efficient."

Named for Uptime Institute founder Ken Brill, the 2015 Brill Awards recognise IT efficiency in five categories, across four global regions: North America, EMEA, Latin America and APAC for IT Systems Efficiency; Data Centre Facilities Management; Data Centre Design; Operational Data Centre Upgrade; and Product Solutions, as well as three Global Leadership Awards.

The Product Solutions category is for facility infrastructure or IT products that significantly improve data centre energy and/or resource efficiency, and honour both the data centre owner and the product vendor.

“NEXTDC saw our industry-leading products as key elements of their quality-first design philosophy and pioneered the use of Piller DRUPS and IP-Bus in the Asia-Pacific,” said Jonathan Davis, Managing Director of Piller Australia. “They are true technology leaders as this Brill Award shows, and we are thrilled that their innovative utilisation of Piller technology has been recognised in this way.”

Mr Van Zetten continues, “The Brill Award makes all the hard engineering work we've put into developing the NEXTDC brand of data centre really worth it. The award is a credit to the NEXTDC team who delivered these complex facilities in super-fast time and still achieved Uptime Institute Tier III certification – it's some sort of career highlight for us all.”

“Sometimes it's hard to express how extraordinary our engineering and project management teams are,” said Mr Cooper. “Our competitors can’t come close to what we have in-house, and this Brill Award is an insight into what amazing work has gone into the product we sell every day.”