01 May 2020

Working smart in a smarter world

Written by: Adam Scully, Chief Sales Officer

Everywhere you look, organisations are leveraging technology to interact with their customers and other critical stakeholders. Today, most people and things in the world are connected by devices and tools and this will only accelerate over the next 10 years.

IDC is predicting that by the end of this decade, the number of connectable smart devices will explode from 40 billion today to over 500 billion by the end of the decade. In addition, Barron’s estimates that by 2025, the average consumer will be connecting with an online device every 18 seconds. That is 4,800 times per day.

The sheer size, scale and distributed nature of today’s Hybrid IT environments has seen customers shift their focus to proximity and distance between their physical footprint to their cloud platforms, carriers, and IT services. As such, colocation data centres have become the hubs where all this data and the clouds that store them live. The way we interconnect all of these devices, customers, partners, and services providers that are driving the new world is key to how we adapt and thrive as part of the ‘smart everything’ evolution.

The power of data insights

With so much digital engagement and collaboration, we are entering an intelligent and interactive world of ‘smart everything’ where data is the hottest commodity on the planet. The way we capture, store, treat, analyse, and utilise that data is what sets organisations apart.

As markets mature, these connected devices known as the Internet of Things (IoT) become the key enabler of the exchange of information between people, processes, and smart devices. Data is the currency that links each touchpoint, and how it’s stored, analyse and put to use is what creates value for businesses and consumers alike. By extracting true value of data, we continue to transform the economy by creating new opportunities for competitive advantage through innovation, enhanced customer experience, reduced operational costs, improved productivity and process re-engineering.

When teamed with cloud computing resources, it delivers the versatility business needs to innovate and disrupt and/or respond quickly to change. Intimately connecting all your sources of data in a Hybrid Cloud architecture of in-house systems, hosted as-a-service solutions and public cloud platforms – and orchestrating it from within a colocation data centre – enables organisations to adopt a flexible, agile approach to every aspect of operations.

For consumers, increased connectivity at the back end substantially improves the customer experience. It makes our online transactions and engagements faster and more intuitive while giving us access to everything we need from the digital world through a single mobile interface. At home, our handheld devices become intelligent hubs that provide a single source of control for all of our surroundings and appliances.

At the core of these advancements is centrally located technology and data that is being analysed in a purposeful, meaningful way to inform decisions and create a higher quality of life and sustained economic growth.

In reality, the acceleration of connected devices is only in its infancy as tech companies continue to push the boundaries with how far this technology will go. As smart devices continue to evolve, so too will our requirements and expectations. As we continue to embrace IoT to enhance our lives, it will drive the next iteration of innovation and disruption.

Data drives the digital economy

Thriving in today’s digitalised world means having the ability to scale fast, remain available 100% of the time and seamlessly interconnect all the components of your Hybrid IT environment.

Every organisation looking to thrive in a data-driven society is challenged with finding the best solution that will support their need to be adaptable and manage all the disparate components of their Hybridised IT infrastructure. When it comes to optimising completely hybridised and distributed environments that connect to everything, anywhere, partnering to stay ahead becomes a critical success factor.

NEXTDC partner Over the Wire has achieved great success for their business and their customers, through the integration of data from a broad range of locations, systems, applications, and smart devices. They use intelligent network and infrastructure management tools to aggregate diverse services into a single end-to-end solution that covers cloud platforms, private cloud services and carrier networks – this in turn delivers a greater level of clarity and a clear path forward for those challenged with the complexity of digital transformation and explosive data volumes.

When it comes to the acceleration of your business transformation objectives, working with the right partner that will support your needs now, and help plan for your future-state is critical.

If we can help you optimise your digital platform and enable you to seamlessly connect the world of ‘smarter everything’, we are here to help. Reach out to our team at NEXTDC.