23 February 2018

NEXTDC reports record 1H18 results

NEXTDC today announced its financial results for the half-year ended 31 December 2017 (“1H18”) and an upgrade to its FY18 Guidance.

1H18 financial highlights

  • Revenue up 32% to $77.5 million (1H17: $58.7 million)
  • Profit before tax up 54% to $12.3 million (1H17: $8.0 million)
  • Liquidity (cash and undrawn debt facilities) of $518.2 million at 31 December 2017

Business performance – as at 31 December 2017:

  • Contracted utilisation up 9.2MW (31%) to 39.2MW (31 December 2016: 30.0MW)
  • Number of customers up 176 (25%) to 875 (31 December 2016: 699)
  • Interconnections (physical and elastic cross connections) up 1,984 (36%) to 7,456 (31 December 2016: 5,472)

Commenting on the Company’s sales performance, Mr Scroggie said: “The first half of this year was the largest sales half in the Company’s history. 1H18 also represented a watershed period in the development of NEXTDC’s ecosystem, with the Company adding a new record number of more than 1,100 interconnections. Growth across the national portfolio continues to accelerate, noting we are in advanced negotiations in relation to several large customer opportunities, that have the potential to result in a significant increase in the Company’s contracted utilisation base.”

Development activity

  • B2 (Brisbane) and M2 (Melbourne) facilities opened for customer access in 1H18
  • S2 (Sydney) construction underway and expected to open in 1Q19 for customer access with an initial capacity of 6MW and an accelerated development of an additional 4MW of capacity
  • S1 (Sydney) final expansion works complete, adding 2MW of new capacity, including additional data hall space being fitted out to support customer requirements
  • P1 (Perth) third data hall opened in 1H18 with ongoing development work on the fourth and final data hall

Commenting on technology leadership and innovation, Mr Scroggie said: “NEXTDC continues to lead the industry in technological development delivering the country’s first UTI certified Tier IV constructed data centres. In addition to this engineering leadership the Company also further demonstrates its commitment to be an innovator in sustainability through delivery of the industry’s most efficient NABERS 5-star certified data centres that deliver record low PUE; combined with continued investments in Operational excellence through UTI Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability.”

For more detailed financial results, guidance and company outlook, see the ASX announcements for NEXTDC’s 1H18 results.