29 September 2016

Talk To You Soon drives customer value with NEXTDC

Sydney-based telecommunications provider, Talk To You Soon, has set up a point of presence at NEXTDC’s S1 Sydney data centre, providing customers across Australia with a secure location to connect to TTYS’s wide range of internet, voice, network and data services. TTYS have the ability to easily expand their infrastructure for future growth and access the host of carrier networks connected to S1.

Talk To You Soon is planning to leverage NEXTDC’s virtual exchange, AXONVX, to enhance the reliability and redundancy of its communication solutions, and ensure customers have high-speed connectivity to their internet and voice networks at all times. Scott Graham, Talk To You Soon Founder, said, “We’ve spent the past six months behind a desk, building the business. Now it’s about enhancing our service offerings and empowering our customers to do business in a way that suits their own needs with flexibility and cost control. This is where AXONVX will come in.”

“We’re a brand new company, so it’s highly important to build a reputation for being efficient, on-time and very knowledgeable when it comes to providing services,” Graham said. “We wanted to go with the best data centre available, one that would provide excellent reliability and also enable us to host infrastructure next to the big players. NEXTDC’s national footprint will provide us with coverage diversity into the future. The wider the scope, the greater potential for new business.”

Adam Scully, Group Executive – Sales and Marketing, NEXTDC, said, “It’s great to have an innovative start-up like Talk To You Soon join the NEXTDC ecosystem. Scott has great experience and a strong reputation in the industry, so he understands what it takes to deliver an excellent customer experience. We look forwards to seeing TTYS grow with NEXTDC as they deliver communications solutions to customers across Australia."