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As a leader in the technology industry we have a wealth of knowledge in cloud and data centre strategy, software development, engineering design, infrastructure management and energy efficient technologies. Below are opinion articles we have written and published, drawing on our extensive expertise.

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Power, Secure, Connect: NEXTDC's new-generation data centres

Author: NEXTDC
Published: November 2017

Previously considered an uneconomic offering for colocation providers, Tier IV demands the highest levels of functionality and reliability by requiring Fault Tolerance for every critical system, distribution pathway or component that supports the facility's IT operations. Request the whitepaper here.

Survival strategy for the digital age

Author: NEXTDC
Published: May 2017

The advancement of technology is delivering a myriad of new capabilities for organisations, as traditional business models are being bypassed in favour of more flexible, interconnected ecosystems of complementary services.

Is warmer the new 'cool' in data centres?

Author: Simon Cooper, NEXTDC COO
Published: February 2017

The need to continually evaluate data centre cooling strategies is a critical success factor for combining business continuity and energy efficiency. For colocation operators, there’s the added requirement to satisfy a wide variety of customer requirements.

Surfing the Tsunami: Get ready for the next wave of digital

Author: Craig Scroggie, NEXTDC CEO
Published: February 2017

Digital disruption is not new, it’s mainstream and will only accelerate as data-driven business and consumer trends create unprecedented change in the way organisations are managed and deliver solutions to their customers.

Global data, local data centres: Where does your data live?

Author: Craig Scroggie, NEXTDC CEO
Published: November 2016

Our legal and regulatory systems are struggling to keep up with the unstoppable force of innovation and competition unleashed by the micro-processor.

5 steps to success: take the migraine out of data centre migration

Author: Simon Cooper, NEXTDC COO
Published: August 2016

Outsourcing your data centre service to a purpose-built facility offers greater efficiency, reliability and security. If your business is looking to make the switch, this five-step guide to planning your move will help minimise business disruption.

Challenges of managing a mixed portfolio of data centre assets

Author: Adam Scully, NEXTDC Group Executive, Sales and Marketing
Published: June 2016

Bringing services together in the cloud can help you integrate systems and data, accelerate innovation and align your IT with business strategies. However, the capabilities and economics of cloud are changing so quickly that companies must review their decisions more frequently.

Power Play - Inside the Data Centres fuelling our digital economy

Author: NEXTDC
Published: This ebook was first published June 2016

Demand for data centre services is being fuelled predominantly by the shift to cloud computing as companies of all sizes look for new ways to improve efficiency, enable innovation and find a competitive edge. Learn about the innovative design drivers behind NEXTDC's award-winning facilities and how we build facilities that can deliver 100% uptime guarantee.

Need for agility driving Australian cloud investment

Author: NEXTDC
Published: This article was first published April 2015


he challenge of the software defined data centre

Author: Craig Scroggie, NEXTDC CEO
Published: This article first appeared in the Australian edition of Deloitte's Tech Trends 2015 report

The colo-enabled cloud

Author: NEXTDC
Published: This article was first published by NEXTDC in October 2


Smarter Data Centre Outsourcing - Considerations from Deloitte

As an organisation’s demand for technology services grows, so does their need to consume IT equipment and data centre capacity. With our customers in mind, NEXTDC asked Deloitte to explore the business and financial implications associated with managing data centres. Download the white paper today and gain a greater insight into the options available for organisations to structure their data centre service, and the key considerations that need to be reviewed when determining which option works best for them.

Journey to the colo-enabled cloud - the quest for profitability

The rapid development of IT and increasing investment in cloud services has led to flexible, customised IT strategies and deployments that are becoming the preferred approach for organisations today.

IDC Executive Brief: Future Proofing Your Data Centre Facilities Services

This exclusive report by IDC data centre analyst Matt Oostveen will give you insights into how to maximise your IT potential through data centre selection, and understand the trends, challenges, benefits and business drivers behind colocation.


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